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Romantic Food - Romantic Couples

A list of some of the most romantic food. Some have long been considered aphrodisiacs, others are simply romantic things to eat.

1. Strawberries.
Luscious, red like your lips, and sweet. Traditionally romantic. Dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with sugar. Perhaps even dunked in...

2. Champagne.
Creates a fun mood, makes an occasion special, which is exactly what you want from a romantic moment. The bubbles tease, the taste is sensual, the alcohol loosens tension.

3. Chocolate
The old box of chocolates trick. Actually, chocolate stimulates the pleasure centres in the brain, making you more receptive to romance. And it tastes wonderful!

4. Asparagus
More than a little phallic, steamed asparagus is a delicacy that can is very sensuous in the mouth.

5. Figs
If asparagus are phallic, figs are most definitely vulvic. And they also have an exotic allure, and sweet taste.

6. Mango
Like figs, this fruit is very vulvic, but more in terms of the way it feels in your mouth. Soft, juicy and sweet, a purely sensual and luxurious experience.

7. Honey
An ancient aphrodisiac - eating honey and drinking mead on the honeymoon was supposed to sweeten the marriage. Another sensual food - smooth and runny.

8. Oysters
Another traditional aphrodisiac, one supposed to enhance your enjoyment of sex. Oysters have an allure to them that simply says "lusty romance."

9. Cream
Pure, thick cream is simply sublime (especially when mixed with berries). A can of whipped cream has an element of fun mixed in as well. Very sexual.

10. Wedding Cake
Well... how much more romantic can you get?

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