Romantic Couples - Tips for Better Sex and Romance

Want to spice up your sex life and add some romance to your lovemaking? Try these great sex ideas:

1. Go to the park and play catch and kiss, or, if you're in a secluded area catch and fuck.

2. Have sex in every part of the house, including the garage and the garden shed.

3. Go to a restaurant or the opera without underwear.

4. Buy a pair of long gloves and a feather boa and do a striptease.

5. Get into your lingerie and be a hooker for the night. Solicit your partner and do exactly what he says (make sure he pays you!).

6. Cover each other with icing sugar and lick it off.

7. Play naughty snakes and ladders. The snakes are oral sex, and the ladders are fulfillment of a fantasy (have a list handy).

8. Pass a strawberry between your lips while kissing.

9. Put pineapple rings on your partner's penis and nibble them off.

10. Give each other foot massages before sex.

11. Two words: Whipped cream.

12. Get some silk scarves and take turns tying each other to the bedroom wardrobe. Now tickle, lick or suck your partner into submission.

13. Do a Titanic: sketch each other in the nude.

14. Have a champagne bath: sit in a warm bath and pour champagne on each other, then lick it off.

15. Attack the vegetables. Show your partner how many phallic vegies you can use as a dildo.

16. Try nude wrestling. The object is to get your partner onto their back, and then kiss them into submission.

17. Run down the street naked in the middle of the night, holding hands.

18. Dance slowly to Barry White. Each time he says "baby", one of you must remove a piece of clothing.

19. Make a porno film. Set up the bedroom with satin sheets, mood lighting, and just let yourself go wild. Note: Label the video clearly!

20. Masturbate for each other.

21. Get a bit Last Tango in Paris and smother each other in butter, then sliiiiiiide.

22. Play "guess which ordinary household object I'm tickling you with".

23. Read poetry to your partner while they are going down on you.

24. Have a threesome

25. Hire out costumes in advance, and engage in some role play.

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