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The Most Romantic Movies Of The Last 20 Years - Romantic Couples

In no particular order...

1. Pretty Woman
Julia Robert's first big movie, and Richard Gere looking sexier than ever. The final scene where he comes to "rescue" her is the ultimate modern fulfilment of the princess fantasy.

2. Titanic
Amid all the tragedy, this film portrays a sudden, sweeping love that breaks all boundaries, and that is huge enough to make you want to defy death. I'm a complete sucker for the sunset kissing scene on the bow of the doomed ship.

3. When Harry Met Sally
This movie is so very endearing because it portrays a real kind of love - one that grows from true friendship. And when Billy Crystal makes a mad dash to tell Meg Ryan at New Years Eve that he can't spend another minute without her, it's magic.

4. The Bridges of Madison County
This is an older woman's film, and yet it offers so much to women of all ages. It's a moment of fantasy fulfilment - a housewife meets and has a torrid affair with the man of her dreams. And then there is the tense moment at the end, when Clint Eastwood waits in his truck for a sign from her, that she'll abandon it all and go with him...

5. Shakespeare in Love
This film has so many good things in it - the witty lines, the gloriously imagined period sets... and yet it's the wonderful, wonderful idea of inspirational love at the heart of it that makes me LOVE this film. Shakespeare, our greatest poet, falls for Viola, and their passion becomes all consuming, and ultimately ends in a sad parting. What woman wouldn't dream of having a play written for her!

6. Moulin Rouge
This is melodromatic romance at it's most sweeping - love expressed almost purely through song. It's almost cartoonish at times, but just magnificent in its expression. Ewan McGregor - how can anyone not love the man?

7. Sleepless in Seattle
It's in almost every list, so I thought I'd better include it here. So many women love this film...

8. Dirty Dancing
I know a lot of women who were teens in the eighties that are very attached to this film. Good girl meets bad guy, but he's really very tender and nice underneath. She changes him, he changes her. And there's one hell of a sexy dance/foreplay scene to get the juices flowing. Very, very romantic.

9. City of Angels
Yes, a little soppy, but this must be included simply because of it's huge premise: that an angel would be so in love with you to forsake heaven and eternal life, just to spend time with you.

10. The Princess Bride
Pure fairy tale. The hunky Wesley will do anything for his love, the Princess Buttercup, including climbing cliffs, fighting off deadly eels, enduring torture, and all manner of nasty treatment at the hands of the bad guys. And he does it all just to rescue her and say "As you wish." Sigh.

11. Ghost
Love from beyond the grave. Patrick Swayze can't bear to leave his beautiful wife, even though he's dead. The heart melts at the end when he says "The love inside, it goes on..." Bonus points for the very sexy pottery scene.

Ring In. Pride and Prejudice - BBC Miniseries
OK, so this isn't a movie, but it deserves a mention simply because it is so well done. The only physical contact between Elizabeth and Darcy (a smouldering Colin Firth) is a kiss at the end, and yet the whole six hours pulses with tension and meaningful looks. It epitomises the very idea that a rich, handsome man is simply longing to marry you and will do anything to please you.

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